“I am a victim of PPH caused by Fen-Phen. When I was first diagnosed I was scared and frightened. I was told I should hire a lawyer who specializes in PPH caused by Fen Phen. I contacted a number of lawyers on the internet, one of which was Jeffrey Nadrich. Although the others said they were PPH lawyers and one even came to visit me from Texas, I was convinced after communicating with Jeffrey Nadrich and Jennifer Poole not to sign with the other lawyer and wait for him and his partner to visit me. When they did I was convinced they would be the best for me. My husband felt the same.

Mr. Nadrich’s team which include PPH specialists from around the country had already recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for PPH victims.
It turned out his team was well known to the drugs manufacturer. The team’s knowledge, resources and assistance helped me a great deal.

They were great throughout the lawsuit. Within two years of starting the case they obtained an unbelievable confidential settlement. My husband and I are very happy.

I bless these lawyers and bless that I made the choice to choose Mr. Nadrich and his team.

– Anonymous, California”

“My name is Elsa Morello. I live in California. I was prescribed Fen-Phen, Pondimin and Redux from a local weight loss clinic. I developed Primary Pulmonary Hypertension in 2009 and realized I needed to hire a lawyer. I went to the internet and chose Jeffrey Nadrich and his team to represent me. They have many offices across California. He and his team of lawyers helped in many ways, answered my questions, helped with resources, explained the process and were patient throughout.

I love them.

They obtained a confidential settlement without having to go to trial way beyond what my family and I ever expected.

If you have been diagnosed with PPH and you believe it was from Fen-Phen there is nobody better than Jeff Nadrich and his team to get you the money you deserve.”

– E.M., California

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