Fen-Phen Heart Valve Damage

Heart Valve Damage Related to Diet Drug Use

Phen3The most common forms of heart valve damage associated with the use of the diet drugs known as Fen/Phen (fenfluramine, pondimin, dexfenfluramine and/or Redux) are mitral valve regurgitation and aortic valve regurgitation.

Mitral Valve Regurgitation is a failure of the mitral valve to close properly, causing blood to flow back into the heart’s upper left chamber (the left atrium) instead of moving forward into the lower left chamber (the left ventricle).

The aortic valve is located between the heart’s left ventricle and the aorta. Aortic Valve Regurgitation occurs when the valve doesn’t close properly, and blood can leak backward through it. This means the left ventricle must pump more blood than normal, and as a result will gradually get bigger because of the extra workload. Aortic valve regurgitation may also restrict blood flow to other organs within body, including the heart muscle itself.

These forms of Heart Valve Damage can be detected by obtaining an echocardiogram and treated both through medication and surgery. Your doctor will decide the treatment that is best for you. In severe cases, valve surgery may be necessary. Valve replacement surgery involves removing your damaged heart valve and replacing it with either a mechanical, artificial valve or from animal tissue. Mechanical valves are more durable, but valves made of animal tissue tend to be accepted more readily by the body. Your doctor will advise you on which type of valve is most appropriate for your particular condition.

If you have suffered heart valve damage or have had heart valve surgery or heart valve replacement surgery and took Fen-Phen, Redux, Pondamin or related diet drugs, you may be entitled to legal compensation.

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