Our Standards For Acceptance of PPH And PAH Cases

Primary Arterial HypertensionPrimary Pulmonary Hypertension (PPH or PAH) is a rare and life threatening disease that increases blood pressure in the lungs and damages heart valves. Our law firm handles Primary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (PPH) claims for on behalf of those who used Fen Phen.

All of our PPH/PAH clients have had a Right Heart Catherization test which measues the mean Pulmonary Artery Pressure. As part of our analysis we review all other medical documents, including our clients™ history, echocardiogram, right ventricular systolic pressure measurements, pulmonary function testing, etc.

Since the diagnosis of PPH or PAH is a multi-disciplinary diagnosis, we know that when one of our clients has a mean Pulmonary Artery Pressure of greater than 25 MMHG at rest or greater than 30 MMHG with exercise, that the client qualifies for a monetary claim against the manufacturer and needs active care from both a pulmonologist and cardiologist. We can help. We know that PPH (PAH) is caused by a dysfunction within the Pulmonary Arterial System which results in vasoconstriction, thrombosis and mitogenesis. As PPH lawyers we have available to us the best medical experts in the country to assist improving the diagnosis and help in our clients treatment.

The scientific uniqueness of PPH vs. PH or Pulmonary Hypertension is the formation of myofivrovalsts and extra-cellular matrix which develops between the endothelium and internal elastic lamina. This causes hyperplasia, fibrosis, and midial hypertrophy.

II. How to be evaluated for PPH/ PAH

Of course, you should go to a cardiologist and/ or pulmonologist and have a detailed family history taken, including all drugs you have used in the past, both legal and illegal. The frequent complaints are fatigue, no energy, chest pain, syncope, palpitations and leg edema. Initial tests should be an echocardiogram with right ventricular systolic pressure measurement, a chest x-ray and a pulmonary function test.

The most important test is the echocardiogram which measures right ventricular systolic pressure. If the right ventricular systolic pressure is 25 MMHG or higher at rest, it may indicate PPH/ PAH.

If these tests indicate possible PPH/ PAH then further specific testing is needed. You should get a referral to a pulmonologist who would then order a Right Heart Catheterization (RHC), which is the gold standard test for a PAH/ PPH diagnosis. If you are looking for a pulmonologist who can perform these tasks, please go to www.phaassociation.org, the Pulmonary Hypertension Association website.

As stated, the Right Heart Catheterization is the best standard for obtaining a definitive PAH/ PPH diagnosis. It is the best test because in addition to obtaining the diagnosis it can help your doctor choose how to treat your PPH/ PAH condition. What this test does is measure the Pulmonary Artery Pressure (PAP) in addition to the wedge pressure and cardiac output. PPH findings occur after increased Pulmonary Vascular Resistance (PVR) is greater than a certain level and increased PAP is greater than 25 MMHG at rest.

III. Classification of Severity of PPH/PAH

If you are diagnosed with PPH/ PAH you most likely will be given a classification or a class. Class 1 is the least severe and Class 4 is the most severe, where you cannot carry out any physical activities without symptoms.

If you receive a PPH/PAH diagnosis and you believe it was caused by Fen Phen please contact us immediately. At any one time we are investigating and/or representing over 40 PPH diagnosed individuals from Fen Phen throughout the United States.

III. Treatments for PPH

Most PPH or PAH patients are treated with the following:


  • Epoprostenol, Beraprost, Treprostinil, and Iloprost. These drugs are very strong vascodilators (vascoconstrictors)
  • Endothelin receptor antagonist

The purpose of this group of drugs is to prevent vascoconstriction(?). They include the following drugs:

  • Vosentan
  • Ambrisentan
  • Sitaxsentan (Withdrawn from the market in 2010 because of serious liver damage side effects)
  • Phosphobiesterase Type 5 inhibitors

These are treatments originally for erectile dysfunction, but they add to the PPE-5 receptors within the pulmonary system, which could result in pulmonary vasodilatation. The most common drugs of this group are as follows:

  • Sildenafil
  • Vardenafil
  • Tadalafil

L-Type Calcium channel blockers

These are prescribed to individuals who bond severely to a vasodilator challenge during the right heart catheterization. These are given in high dosages to this very small group of PAH/ PPH patients. These drugs include the following:

  • Nifedpine
  • Nicardipine
  • Isradine


This is the last resort if nothing else is working and the patient continues to proceed downhill.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with PPH or PAH and you believe it was caused by your Fen Phen use in the 1990s, including the use of Redux, Pondamin or Fenflouramine, please contact us. We and our partners have been successfully litigating PAH and PPH cases for the past 15 years. We have recovered many millions of dollars in settlements and trials against the manufacturer.

We know your anxiety and depression because of your medical condition. We are very sensitive to your condition. We will treat you as a member of the family. We will go the extra step for you. We have the resources and the staff including doctors, paralegals, nurses, lawyers, and expert witnesses who will help you in dealing with your condition, recommend support groups and then bring a claim against the manufacturer. We know that you have a life-altering, potentially fatal disease.

We know it takes courage, but please contact us. We will help. You do not have to be alone. We are friendly and sensitive to your needs. There is no charge for our services unless we first obtain a recovery from the manufacturer.

Please let us help you.

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